What does attractor mean?

attractor meaning in General Dictionary

One who or that which lures

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  • an entertainer which lures big viewers
  • (physics) a place when you look at the ideal multidimensional period room that is used to spell it out something toward that your system has a tendency to evolve whatever the beginning problems associated with system
  • a characteristic that provides pleasure and attracts
  • one that, or what, attracts.

attractor meaning in Fishing Dictionary

this really is an additive which is used with the bait or blended with the groundbait. Flavour attractors is sweet or spicy. Brasem is a great additive utilized for getting bream  

attractor meaning in Sports Dictionary

A fly that doesn't imitate any style of life but arouses a fish's aggression. (sport: Fishing)

attractor meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) One who, or whatever, lures.

Sentence Examples with the word attractor

It is possible that the lyncurium of the ancients, which according to Theophrastus attracted light bodies, was tourmaline, a mineral found in Ceylon, which had been christened by the Dutch with the name of aschentrikker, or the attractor of ashes.

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