What does attractive types mean?

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the various kinds of attractiveness a girl can have.1. Good: when a lady's body is awesome. The saying "beauty is only skin deep" has nothing in connection with becoming fine since you takes all the skin off this sort of woman and the ultimate shape of the woman human anatomy would remain the same.2. Sweet: when a girl only features an aluring appearance. This does not necessarily mean that she's fine; it may simply suggest she's got a good collection of garments, compensate, hairstyles, or whatever tends to make the lady look appealing. It's also possible to-be only a little overweight and still be pretty.3. Hot: whenever a woman's look instantly grabs your interest. Not to ever be confused with sexy; hot women can in fact have cleverness while sexy girls are usually or work psychologically slow every so often. Also called Beautiful.4. Gorgeous: the higher type of Hot. Sexiness in girls is a balanced combo between good and Cute, and therefore her body rocks ! along with anything else (garments, hairstyle, etc). Since their particular minds are incredibly hectic pumping estrogen within their awesome systems, they occasionally lack or pretend to lack inteligence.5. Goddess: whenever a lady's look AND personality gels perfectly with some guy's perfect woman. Also referred to as "dream girl." They can be good, attractive, hot, or sexy.