What does attorney-in-fact mean?

attorney-in-fact meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. some body especially called by another through a written "power of attorney" to act for the person inside conduct associated with the appointer's business. In a "general energy of lawyer" the attorney-in-fact can carry out all company or signal any document, as well as in a "special energy of attorney" she or he can simply sign papers or work in terms of unique identified issues. Too often individuals signal themselves as attorney-in-fact for relatives or colleagues without any energy of lawyer. If somebody claims to be able to signal for another, a need to begin to see the written energy of attorney is reasonable and needed. In real estate matters the effectiveness of lawyer should be formally acknowledged before a notary public so that it could be taped together with the real-estate deed, deed of trust, home loan, or any other document.

attorney-in-fact meaning in Law Dictionary

This relates to the attorney who is authorised through a written document labeled as a "power of lawyer" to do something for a customer in particular legal issues.