What does attorney-client privilege mean?

attorney-client privilege meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. the necessity that a legal professional may well not unveil communications, conversations and letters between himself/ by herself and his or her customer, underneath the principle that a person must be able to speak easily and really with his or her attorney without concern about future revelation. In a trial, deposition, and written questions (interrogatories), the lawyer is required additionally the client is entitled to will not answer any question or create any document which was part of the attorney-client contact. The issue occasionally occurs on if the discussion was in an attorney-client commitment. If a man tells his neighbor which happens to be legal counsel he embezzled resources, is he performing this while looking for legal advice or simply just talking across fence (which is the test)? If a document was prepared included in the legal preparation for a client, it often is a "work product" and is additionally privileged. Similar privileges exist between pastor and parishioner and medical practitioner and patient.

attorney-client privilege meaning in Law Dictionary

This term applies to suitable an individual features when it comes to information he offers their lawyer it be kept confidential.

attorney-client privilege meaning in Business Dictionary

Convention that seeks to guard the privacy associated with the information exchanged between a legal professional and litigant. Its objective will be encourage open and honest conversations that allow an attorney to give you the best possible representation towards customer. This privilege, however, is known as sacrosanct just as far as the client is diligent in paying their lawyer's costs.

attorney-client privilege meaning in General Dictionary

the best of a lawyer to will not divulge confidential information from his customer

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She started to protest attorney-client privilege but he shook his head.

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