What does attorney in fact mean?

attorney in fact meaning in Law Dictionary

private attorney authorized by another to act inside the spot and stead, either for a few specific function, on do a specific work, and for the exchange of company as a whole, perhaps not of a legal personality. This authority is conferred by a musical instrument in writing, called a “letter of lawyer,” or higher frequently a “power of attorney.” Treat v. Tolman, 113 Fed. 893, 51 C. C. A. 522; Hall v. Sawyer, 47 Barb. (N. Y.) 119; White v. Ferguson, 29 Ind. App. 144, 64 N. E. 49.

attorney in fact meaning in Business Dictionary

Agent who keeps the power of lawyer allowing her or him to transact business and execute appropriate papers on the part of a principal. Decisions made and actions taken by legal counsel indeed (in the scope of his or her authority) are legitimately binding regarding the principal. An attorney-in-fact need not be an attorney-at-law.