What does attila mean?

attila meaning in General Dictionary

king associated with the Huns; the most successful barbarian invader associated with the Roman Empire (406-453)

attila - German to English

attila [hussar uniform jacket]

Sentence Examples with the word attila

Quarrels soon arose, partly out of the circumstance that the Romans had sought to make alliances with certain Danubian tribes which Ruas chose to regard as properly subject to himself, partly also because some of the undoubted subjects of the Hun had found refuge on Roman territory; and Theodosius, in reply to an indignant and insulting message which he had received about this cause of dispute, was preparing to send off a special embassy when tidings arrived that Ruas was dead and that he had been succeeded in his kingdom by Attila and Bleda, the two sons of his brother Mundzuk (433).

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