What does attainment mean?

attainment meaning in General Dictionary

The work of achieving the act of arriving at or achieving thus the act of obtaining by efforts

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  • an ability that's been acquired by training
  • the work of achieving an aim
  • arrival at an innovative new stage
  • The act of attaining; the work of reaching or reaching; ergo, the work of acquiring by efforts.
  • whatever is acquired to, or gotten by exertion; acquirement; purchase; (pl.), mental acquirements; knowledge; as, literary and scientific attainments.

attainment meaning in Etymology Dictionary

belated 14c., "encroachment" (a sense today obsolete), from Old French ataignement (contemporary French atteignement), from ataindre; see attain. Indicating "activity of attaining" is from 1540s; sense of "that which is attained, individual accomplishment" dates from 1670s.

attainment meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) The act of attaining; the act of arriving at or reaching; for this reason, the work of obtaining by attempts.

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  • (n.) That which is obtained to, or gotten by effort; acquirement; acquisition; (pl.), psychological acquirements; understanding; as, literary and clinical attainments.

Sentence Examples with the word attainment

Hitherto she had confined her efforts to territorial expansion in eastern Europe and in Asia, and she had sought foreign alliances merely as temporary expedients to facilitate the attainment of that object.

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