What does attachment mean?

attachment meaning in General Dictionary

The work attaching or state of being attached close adherence or love fidelity regard anunr enthusiasm of love that binds an individual as an attachment to a pal or even an event

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  • a sense of love for someone or an institution
  • a writ authorizing the seizure of property that may be needed for the payment of a judgment in a judicial proceeding
  • a supplementary part or accessory
  • a connection that fastens things collectively
  • faithful support for an underlying cause or governmental party or faith
  • the act of attaching or affixing anything
  • the work of fastening things collectively
  • The act attaching, or condition of being connected; close adherence or love; fidelity; regard; an/ enthusiasm of affection that binds an individual; as, an attachment to a buddy, or even an event.
  • That wherein a very important factor is mounted on another; connection; as, to cut the attachments of a muscle.
  • some thing affixed; some adjunct mounted on an tool, machine, or any other object; because, a sewing machine accessory (i. e., a computer device attached to a sewing machine allow it doing special work, as tucking, etc.).
  • A seizure or using into custody by virtue of a legal procedure.
  • The writ or percept commanding such seizure or taking.

attachment meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. the seizing of cash or residential property just before getting a wisdom in judge, in contemplation your plaintiff will win at trial (usually in quick cases of cash owed) and will require the funds or residential property to pay for (satisfy) the wisdom. The Supreme Court features ruled that an attachment is made just after a hearing before a judge in which both sides can argue the chance that the celebration being sued (defendant) probably will leave the area or perhaps avoid likely payment. A temporary attachment could be allowed by judge order without both events becoming present centered on a declaration of celebration desiring the accessory that there surely is clear proof the defendant is going to flee. The judge must require a bond to cover problems toward defendant if the accessory demonstrates not to have already been required. Before the hearing requirement, pre-judgment attachments were typical in which cars and bank accounts were held because of the sheriff just upon the plaintiff searching for the attachment getting a writ of attachment, posting a bond.

attachment meaning in Law Dictionary

The act or procedure of using, apprehending, or seizing people or property, by virtue of a writ, summons, or any other judicial order, and taking similar to the custody of this legislation; utilized either for the intended purpose of taking people ahead of the court, of obtaining jurisdiction within the property seized, to compel an appearance, to furnish protection for debt or prices, or even to arrest a fund in the possession of of a 3rd individual who may become liable to pay it over. Also the writ or other process for the achievement of purposes above enumerated, this becoming the greater amount of typical utilization of the word. Of individuals. A writ given by a court of record, commanding the sheriff to create before it someone who is bad of contempt of courtroom, in a choice of neglect or misuse of its process or of subordinate abilities. 3 Bl. Comm. 280 ; 4 Bl. Comm. 283; Burbach v. Light Co., 119 Wis. 384, 96 N. W. 829. Of property. A species of mesne process, wherein a writ is released at the institution or throughout the progress of an action, commanding the sheriff to seize the home, legal rights, credits, or effects of the defendant becoming held as safety when it comes to pleasure of these view as the plaintiff may recover. It really is principally made use of against absconding, concealed, or deceptive debtors. U. S. Capsule Co. v. Isaacs, 23 Ind. App. 533, 55 N. E. 832; Campbell v. Keys, 130 Mich. 127, 89 N. W. 720; Rempe v. Ravens, 68 Ohio St 113, 67 N. E. 282. To offer jurisdiction. In which the defendant is a non-resident, or beyond the territorial jurisdiction of this judge, his goods or land inside the territory can be seized upon process of accessory; wherein he can be compelled to enter an appearance, or the judge acquires jurisdiction in terms of to get rid of the house connected. This will be often known as “foreign attachment.” Domestic and foreign. In some jurisdictions it's quite common to provide title “domestic attachment” to at least one providing against a resident debtor, (upon the unique ground of fraud, purpose to abscond, etc.,) and also to designate an attachment against a nonresident, or their property, as “foreign.” Longwell v. Hartwell, 164 Pa. 533, 30 Atl. 495; Biddle v. Girard Nat Bank, 109 Pa. 356. Although term “foreign attachment” more properly is one of the process otherwise familiarly known as “garnishment.” It was a peculiar and ancient cure ready to accept lenders in the jurisdiction of the town of London, by which these were enabled to satisfy their debts by attaching or seizing the funds or items of the debtor in the hands of a 3rd person within the jurisdiction associated with the city. Welsh v. Blackwell, 14 N. J. Law, 346. This energy and process survive in modern-day law, throughout common-law jurisdictions, and are also variously denominated “garnishment,” “trustee procedure,” or “factorizing.”

attachment meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1400, "arrest of an individual on judicial warrant" (mid-13c. in Anglo-Latin), from French attachement, from attacher (identify attach). Application to home (including, later on, wages) dates from 1590s; indicating "sympathy, devotion" is taped from 1704; that "a thing that is mounted on something different" dates from 1797 and contains become perhaps the most common use since the rise of e-mail.

attachment meaning in Business Dictionary

1. Office: Document affixed to a different document. 2. Processing: Computer (binary) file (like an illustrations, photograph, spreadsheet, or a voice recording) sent as well as a message. 3. Insurance: addition or exclusion of perils and places covered in a simple plan. See also recommendation and rider. 4. Law: (1) procedure for taking an individual's home (including cash, goods, & most commonly earnings) into legal custody on a court purchase (called writ of accessory) issued and only a claimant or creditor. (2) Creditor's protection desire for home acknowledged as collateral for a debt, developed whenever debtor obtains value as a swap and acquires correct of redemption. 5. Production: An accessory attached with a gear or machine.

attachment meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

whenever referring to email, an attachment is a file delivered with all the one e-mail message. An attachment may be a picture, a word document, a film, a sound file, an excel document, or just about any other file that will require another program to start it.

attachment - German to English

accessory [email]

attachment meaning in Computer Terms Dictionary

an attachment, or mail attachment, is a file delivered with a message message. It may be a picture, video clip, text document, or other variety of file. Most email customers and webmail systems enable you to receive and send accessories. To deliver an accessory with your e-mail, you can make use of the "Attach" demand, after that browse on file you need to attach. In a few mail interfaces, you can simply pull a file to the message screen to attach it. Once you obtain an attachment, many email programs allow you to see the attachment set up or save yourself it to your regional storage product. While modern e-mail programs allow it to be simple to receive and send accessories, the first email system (SMTP) had been really perhaps not designed to manage binary files. For that reason, accessories needs to be encoded as text to become transported with a message message. The most common encoding kind is MIME (Multi-Purpose online Mail Extensions). While MIME encoding makes it possible to send emails with e-mails, it typically boosts the file size for the accessory about 30percent. That is why when you attach a file to a contact message, the quality regarding the accessory seems bigger than the original file. You are able to attach multiple files to just one email message. However, the most measurements of the combined attachments is restricted by the transmitting and getting mail hosts. This means, how big is the attachment(s) after being encoded may not be larger than the limit of either the outbound or incoming post host. In the early times of mail, attachments had been limited by one megabyte (1 MB). Today, many post computers enable attachments larger than 20 MB. However, to protect against viruses and malware, many post servers will not accept executable file kinds, eg .EXE or .PIF files. If you wish to deliver an executable file to some one, you are able to compress the file as a .ZIP archive before attaching it toward e-mail message. NOTE: also a lot of text occupies handful of area compared to most binary data. For that reason, connecting a document to a contact may increase the dimensions significantly. As an example, an average mail might only require one kilobyte (1 KB) of disk room. Attaching an individual 1 MB file is going to make the message 1,000 times larger. Consequently, it is advisable to share huge files utilizing another strategy like FTP or DropBox. Additionally, when you yourself have nearly achieved your mail quota on your post host, it is possible to take back countless space by deleting old accessories.

attachment meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) The work attaching, or state to be affixed; close adherence or love; fidelity; respect; an/ passion of affection that binds a person; since, an attachment to a buddy, or even an event.

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  • (letter.) That in which something is attached to another; connection; since, to slice the attachments of a muscle.
  • (n.) Something attached; some adjunct attached to a musical instrument, machine, or any other item; because, a sewing device attachment (i. e., a tool mounted on a sewing machine to enable it to-do special work, as tucking, etc.).
  • (letter.) A seizure or taking into custody by virtue of a legal procedure.
  • (letter.) The writ or percept commanding such seizure or using.

Sentence Examples with the word attachment

The apical senseorgan is used for temporary attachment to the maternal vestibule in which development takes place, but permanent fixation is effected by the oral surface.

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