What does attaché mean?

attaché meaning in Urban Dictionary

1. n. NCSSM school bitch2. n. recently extinct tribe of suck-up Indians. Previously typical to Wilson, NC

attaché meaning in Law Dictionary

person attached to the Buite of an ambassador or even to a foreign legation.

attaché meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1835, from French connect

attaché meaning in Business Dictionary

1. A specific form of briefcase characterized for being reasonably little and rectangular. 2. A specialist who's assigned to a diplomatic individual in order to provide a certain function. For example, someone are a cultural attaché and offer the diplomat by advising against social taboos.

attaché meaning in General Dictionary

a shallow and rectangular briefcase

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  • a professional assigned towards staff of a diplomatic mission
  • One mounted on another individual or thing, as an element of a collection or staff. Especially: One attached with an embassy.

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attaché meaning in General Dictionary

(v. t.) One attached with another person or thing, as part of a suite or staff. Specifically: One mounted on an embassy.

Sentence Examples with the word attaché

The young lady's relatives ultimately became reconciled to the match, and procured him an appointment as attache to the British legation at Turin.

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