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The doctrine of atoms See Atomic viewpoint under Atomic

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  • (therapy) a theory that reduces all mental phenomena to easy elements (sensations and emotions) that type complex tips by connection
  • (biochemistry) any concept by which all matter consists of tiny discrete finite indivisible indestructible particles
  • The doctrine of atoms. See Atomic philosophy, under Atomic.

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As contrasted with synechism, the view there are discrete irreducible elements of finite spatial or temporal span. E.g., the atomic doctrine of Democritus your real world is made from qualitatively similar atoms of diverse forms. Lucretius, De Natura Rerurn. See Epicurus. Cf. K. Lasswitz, Gesch. d. Atomismus. As compared because of the view that one elements tend to be always connected, as well as relevant anyway, the doctrine that some entities are merely contingently related or are completely independent. In Russell (Scientific Process in Philosophy), practical Atomism may be the view that relations are additional which some true propositions are without simpler constituents in certain system, these types of propositions tend to be "basic" with regards to that system. In governmental philosophy, atomism is syn. of particularism. As contrasted using the view that one entities are analyzable, the doctrine that some entitles are ultimately simple. E.g., Russell's doctrine that there are specific simple, unanalyzable atomic propositions that other propositions are constituted by compounding or generalization. -- C.A.B. A consistent atomistic theory of nature or even of physical substances is hardly within medieval texts apart from William of Conches' Philosophia mundi in addition to Mutakallemins, a Moslem school of atomists. -- R.A.

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The example of Stoicism, as Cudworth points out, shows that corporealism may be theistic. Into the history of atomism Cudworth plunges with vast erudition.

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