What does atomic mean?

atomic meaning in General Dictionary

Of or related to atoms

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  • of or regarding or comprising atoms
  • immeasurably small
  • (tools) deriving destructive power from the launch of atomic power
  • Alt. of Atomical

atomic meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1670s as a philosophical term (see atomistic); systematic sense times from 1811, from atom + -ic. Atomic quantity is from 1821; atomic size is from 1848. Atomic power first recorded 1906 in modern-day feeling (as intra-atomic energy from 1903). March, 1903, was a historic day for chemistry. It is, also, once we shall show, a romantic date to which, it's quite likely, the men into the future will most likely recommend as veritable start of bigger capabilities and energies that they will control. It was in March, 1903, that Curie and Laborde launched the heat-emitting power of radium. [Robert Kennedy Duncan, "The New Knowledge," 1906] Atomic bomb very first recorded 1914 in writings of H.G. Wells, who looked at it as a-bomb "that would continue to explode indefinitely." When you're able to drop just one atomic bomb and wipe out Paris or Berlin, war has become monstrous and impossible. [S. Strunsky, "Yale Review," January 1917] Atomic Age is from 1945. Atomical is from 1640s.

atomic meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Alt. of Atomical

Sentence Examples with the word atomic

The atomic weight of ruthenium was determined by A.

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