What does atmospheric pressure mean?

atmospheric pressure meaning in Law Dictionary

The measurement of 14.7 PSI, 101330 pascals, 29.92 inches, 1013.25 mb, and 1.03 environment. AKA barometric pressure.

atmospheric pressure meaning in Sports Dictionary

power exerted by environment at sea level, measured in atmospheres (atm) or bars. (recreation: Scuba Diving)

atmospheric pressure meaning in Business Dictionary

Equals 14.70 weight per square inches (PSI), 101330 pascals (newtons per square meter), 29.92 inches (760 millimeters) of mercury, 1013.25 millibars (mb), and 1.03 technical atmosphere. Also referred to as barometric force.

atmospheric pressure meaning in General Dictionary

the pressure exerted by the environment

Sentence Examples with the word atmospheric pressure

Gases, consisting principally of light carburetted hydrogen or marsh gas, are of ten present in considerable quantity in coal, in a dissolved or occluded state, and the evolution of these upon exposure to the air, especially when a sudden diminution of atmospheric pressure takes place, constitutes one of the most formidable dangers that the coal miner has to encounter.

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