What does atmosphere mean?

atmosphere meaning in General Dictionary

the complete size of aeumlriform liquid surrounding the planet earth applied also to the gaseous envelope of every celestial orb or other human body as environment of Mars

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  • a particular environment or surrounding impact
  • the current weather or weather at some spot
  • the envelope of fumes surrounding any celestial human body
  • a unit of force: pressure that may support a column of mercury 760 mm large at sea level and 0 levels centigrade
  • the mass of air surrounding the Earth
  • a distinctive but intangible high quality surrounding you or thing
  • your whole size of aeriform fluid surrounding our planet; -- used also to the gaseous envelope of every celestial orb, or other human anatomy; because, the environment of Mars.
  • Any gaseous envelope or method.
  • an expected medium around various systems; since, electrical atmosphere, a medium previously likely to surround electric systems.
  • pressure or body weight associated with environment in the sea level, on an unit of area, or around 14.7 Ibs. into sq. inch.
  • Any surrounding or pervading influence or condition.
  • The part of environment in almost any locality, or afflicted with a special actual or sanitary condition; as, the atmosphere of this area; a wet or noxious atmosphere.

atmosphere meaning in Law Dictionary

1. the gasses that surround the planet earth. It really is made from nitrogen and air. Trace quantities of argon, carbon-dioxide, helium, krypton, methane, neon, sulfur dioxide, water vapour, and xenon exist. It has seven layers known as the troposphere, stratosphere,

atmosphere meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1630s, atmosphaera (modern type from 1670s), from Modern Latin atmosphaera, from atmo-, brush. type of Greek atmos "vapor, vapor" + spharia "sphere" (see world). Greek atmos is from PIE *awet-mo-, from root *wet- (1) "to blow" (in addition "to encourage, spiritually arouse;" see lumber (adj.)). Initially utilized in English regarding the the Moon, which, as it works out, virtually doesn't have one. It's noticed in the solary eclipses, that there is sometimes a good trepidation in regards to the body associated with the moon, where we may also argue an atmosphaera, since we cannot well conceive what so likely a cause there must be of such a look as this, Quod radii solares a vaporibus lunam ambitntibus fuerint intercisi, that the sun-beams were damaged and refracted by the vapours that encompassed the moon. [Rev. John Wilkins, "Discovery of New World or Discourse maintaining show that it likely there might be another World in the Moon," 1638] Figurative sense of "surrounding influence, mental or moral environment" is c.1800.

atmosphere meaning in Sports Dictionary

defines the air which can be comprised of an assortment of nitrogen, air, carbon dioxide and smaller amounts of other gases and water vapor. (recreation: Weather Forecast)

atmosphere meaning in Business Dictionary

1.u000du000aOne of many four the different parts of the planet earth's ecosystem (another three are biosphere, hydrosphere, and lithosphere), it is a band of fumes enveloping the planet earth's surface. Ninety-nine % of the mass is targeted within 20 miles associated with the planet's area, as well as its two biggest constituents (in the cheapest part) are nitrogen (about 78 %) and air (about 21 percent). The remaining one percent includes mostly argon and small quantities of co2, helium, krypton, methane, neon, sulfur dioxide, water vapor, and xenon. In meteorology, atmosphere is divided into seven levels called areas (from the least expensive to your highest): troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, chemosphere, thermosphere, ionosphere, and exosphere.u000du000au000du000au000du000a2.u000du000aProduct of pressure in line with the normal atmospheric stress at sea level.

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atmosphere meaning in Chemistry Dictionary

A unit of force; the pressure that will support a column of mercury 760 mm high at 0 °C.

atmosphere meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) The entire mass of aeriform liquid surrounding the earth; -- used and to the gaseous envelope of every celestial orb, or any other human anatomy; as, the environment of Mars.

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  • (n.) Any gaseous envelope or medium.
  • (n.) A supposed method around various systems; because, electrical atmosphere, a medium previously expected to encircle electrical systems.
  • (letter.) The stress or body weight regarding the environment during the sea level, on a unit of area, or just around 14.7 Ibs. towards sq. inch.
  • (letter.) Any surrounding or pervading impact or problem.
  • (letter.) The percentage of environment in any locality, or affected by a particular real or sanitary problem; as, the atmosphere regarding the room; a moist or noxious atmosphere.

Sentence Examples with the word atmosphere

In the summer and the autumn the weather is commonly fine, and often most beautiful; and especially in the Berkshires a cool, pure and elastic atmosphere prevails, relatively dry, and altogether delightful.

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