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all-time Low Boardie.ATLB- our company is the hardcore fans. our company is the children that love in history low plenty it hurts. our company is the youngsters that spend our time seeing youtube movies and marketing a whole lot. we're the youngsters that save up for months for merch and put on Glamour Kills. we are the youngsters which can be die-hard fans. our company is the youngsters that stick collectively. we have been the kids that actually realize that Alex is now scared of milanos and then we would perish without supplement water. we are the kids having way too many inside jokes to count. our company is the youngsters that spend our time moving around in the rain, inside our area, on shop, everywhere, performing along to the lyrics with All Time minimal on repeat. we're the kids that begin performing Dear Maria amount me personally In when a person coughs. we're the children whose conversations tend to be about in history reasonable 3/4 of that time period. we are the youngsters that know-all the trip video clips like a bible. We are the kids that know if you perform papa roach at soundcheck you might just be in every Time minimal. We're the youngsters that play "wouldn't it draw if..." in our spare time. we're the youngsters having the ability to love everything about a band and exactly what includes it a great deal so it hurts. we're the youngsters being therefore emotionally mounted on in history low we could be listening to remembering sunday and just start bawl. we are the youngsters that know its perhaps not funny when that takes place because its taken place to all people atleast a billion times. we're the kids which can be absolutely miserable one minute but be completely pleased another during the bells of Holly (Would you change me personally on?). we have been the kids that modify operating from lions everytime we listen to it with "its just also bootylicious for ya girl". we have been the kids that you'dnot need for eating your sandwich around. we are the kids that know exactly everything you indicate. we are the children that start laughing until we cry as soon as we notice the track "theres no liquid so no flushing the toilet therefore log off of the coach and get utilize the port-0-poddy" and not think anyone who singing its unusual. we have been the youngsters that discover how it seems. our company is the youngsters that love. An ATLB is An In History Minimal Boardie. We're not just several children which lust after a band, we have been a family group. Another kind of ATLB is an ATLV, that is a vet, and whom you can visit for severe concerns in regards to the band or aproval for threads. All-time Minimal Boardie. These are the fans just who learn about all-time Low then any mediocre teenie.They'll guard ATL before the end.Some of them travel lots and lots of kilometers merely to see All Time Low.Truly a family; you mess with one, you mess with them. a "family" of little faggot kids who need to get rid of trying to be cool and get some resides.