What does ative kid mean?

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A stereotype which has had just recently entered the life of modern young adults. (1.) An "Ative children's" music interest mostly comes with 80's, belated 70's, and early 90's. All that great stuff.An Ative child usually does not appreciate the present day day bands, but there are a few exclusions.(2.) An Ative Kid generally discovers a profound meaning atlanta divorce attorneys phrase they hear. (3.)They also provide no problem articulating their thoughts, just because they may be personal. They'll state what's on the head.(4.) Most Ative Teenagers despise illiteracy.(5.) Ative Kids meet random black colored people making buddies together. Frequently, if the person they meet is male as well as cannot pronounce their particular title, they will certainly call all of them Mike Jones.(6.) Ative teenagers have wierd screennames.(7.) An Ative Kid constantly has some wierd hero.(8.) An Ative Child hardly ever lies. When they are doing, it's so they really don't get jumped, and it's really frequently having to do with Roseanne.(9.) An Ative Kid's wardrobe often is comprised of a minumum of one black colored coat which they wear a touch too a great deal. Usually, they can make something that another person could not look good. Arm/Hand outfit is obviously great for an Ative child, including mittens, arm warmers, or huge bracelets. They wear lots of things that present their views on things, and put on some white devices.(10.) An Ative Kid hangs with anyone who they like. Gangsters, skaters, scene young ones, emo children, anyone.