What does atherosclerosis mean?

atherosclerosis meaning in General Dictionary

a type of arteriosclerosis characterized by irregular fatty build up on the internal area of large and medium sized arteries the build up tend to be related to fibrosis and calcification associated with the internal layer regarding the arteries comparable problems can be within swine and fowl The deposits may become large enough to hinder the circulation and perhaps may limit the blood circulation towards heart

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  • a stage of arteriosclerosis involving fatty deposits (atheromas) inside arterial wall space, hence narrowing the arteries

atherosclerosis meaning in Urban Dictionary

its a disease that you can get from smoking therefore do not smoke.

atherosclerosis meaning in Medical Dictionary

a procedure of progressive thickening and hardening of wall space of medium sized and enormous arteries due to fat deposits to their internal liner.

atherosclerosis meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1908, from atherosklerose, coined in German 1904; see atheroma + sclerosis.

atherosclerosis meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

a condition when the arteries come to be tiny and tough because of exorbitant fatty build up.