What does atelier mean?

atelier meaning in General Dictionary

A workshop a studio

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  • a studio particularly for an artist or fashion designer
  • A workshop; a studio.

atelier meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1840, from French atelier "workshop," from Old French astelier "(carpenter's) workshop, woodpile" (14c.), from astele "piece of lumber, a shaving, splinter," probably from belated Latin hastella "a thin stick," diminutive of hasta "spear, shaft" (see lawn (n.2)).

atelier - German to English

(artist's) workshop

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  • studio

atelier - French to English

studio [artist's room]

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  • workshop

atelier meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) A workshop; a studio.

Sentence Examples with the word atelier

Their school of bronze sculpture, whose first famous exponent was Ageladas (Hagelaidas), the reputed master of Pheidias, reached its climax towards the end of the 5th century in the atelier of Polyclitus and his pupils.

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