What does ate mean?

ate meaning in General Dictionary

As an ending of participles or participial adjectives it's equivalent to ed as situate or situated animate or animated

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  • The goddess of mischievous folly additionally in later poets the goddess of vengeance
  • the preterit of consume
  • goddess of unlawful rashness and its discipline
  • the preterit of consume.
  • The goddess of naughty folly; in addition, in later poets, the goddess of vengeance.
  • of consume

ate meaning in Names Dictionary

Goddess of irrationality.
Name Origin: Greek
Name Gender: Female

ate meaning in Etymology Dictionary

past tense of eat (q.v.).

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  • Greek goddess of infatuation and bad, from ate "infatuation, bane, ruin, mischief," that will be of unsure origin.

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ate meaning in General Dictionary

(imp.) of Eat

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  • the preterit of Eat.
  • (letter.) The goddess of mischievous folly; additionally, in later on poets, the goddess of vengeance.

Sentence Examples with the word ate

R, implies that the brethren ate heartily, and that the cup and bread formed no isolated episode.

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