What does ataraxia mean?

ataraxia meaning in General Dictionary

Perfect reassurance or calmness

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  • peace of mind
  • Alt. of Ataraxy

ataraxia meaning in Etymology Dictionary

also Englished as ataraxy, "calmness, impassivity," c.1600, from contemporary Latin, from Greek ataraxia "impassiveness," from a-, privative prefix, + tarassein (Attic tarattein) "to disturb, confuse," from PIE root *dher- (1) "to help make muddy, darken."

ataraxia meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

The Epicurean doctrine that total reassurance was a pleasurable condition of equilibrium. See Epicureanism. -- E.H.

ataraxia meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) Alt. of Ataraxy