What does atallcaramelfrap mean?

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A coffee-based drink from the heavily preferred coffee corporation, Starbucks, which is not just highly delectable to your sensory faculties, but very pleasing into the head regarding the drinker, much similar to the rush obtained from cocaine, ecstasy, or other mind-expanding medication. The beverage is becoming therefore prevalent towards the user the drink's title, "a tall caramel Frappuccino" happens to be abbreviated and combined to "a tallcaramelfrap" after becoming said in so many events after an array of repeated visits to Starbucks. Atallcaramelfraps may and can become addictive to the customer, and customer is blindsighted on losing an exorbitant amount of cash, time, and commitment toward school as a result of pleasure gotten by these types of a beverage. Produces dependency and reliance on caffeine, and leads to a modification in concerns. Fatal in the wild and will cause individual to take into account updating to a Grande.