What does at sea mean?

at sea meaning in Urban Dictionary

truly amazing, spiritual or symbolic, intense

at sea meaning in Law Dictionary

from the limitations of every port or harbor regarding the sea-coast. The Harriet 1 Tale, 251, Fed. Cas. No. 6,099. See Wales v. Insurance Co., 8 Allen (Mass.) 380; Hubbard v. Hubbard, 8 N. Y. 199; Ex zona Thompson, 4 Bradf. Sur. (N. Y.) 158; Hut- great deal v. Insurance Co., 7 Hill (N. Y.) 325; Bowen v. Insurance Co., 20 choose. (Mass.) 276, 32 Am. Dec. 213; U. S. v. Symonds, 120 U. S. 46, 7 Sup. Ct. 411, 30 L Ed. 557; U. S. v. Barnette, 165 U. S. 174, 17 Sup. Ct 286, 41 L. Ed. 675.

at sea meaning in General Dictionary

perplexed by many people contradictory circumstances or statements; filled with bewilderment

Sentence Examples with the word at sea

As the Spaniards had not yet occupied the Azores he sailed to them, but was utterly defeated at sea by the marquis of Santa Cruz off Saint Michael's on the 27th of July 1582.

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