What does asymmetry mean?

asymmetry meaning in General Dictionary

Want of symmetry or proportion involving the elements of something esp insufficient bilateral symmetry

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  • (mathematics) insufficient balance
  • Want of symmetry, or percentage involving the parts of a thing, esp. wish of bilateral balance.
  • Incommensurability.

asymmetry meaning in Law Dictionary

The state of failing to have balance. One component is more as compared to other.

asymmetry meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1650s, "want of symmetry or percentage," from Greek asymmetria, noun of high quality from asymmetros "having no typical measure; disproportionate, unsymmetrical," from a- "not" + symmetros "commensurable" (see symmetry).

asymmetry meaning in Business Dictionary

Uneven or lacking balance. In an asymmetrical circumstance, a portion of something won't have the exact same exact form as another portion. Opposite of balance.

asymmetry meaning in Body Language Dictionary

  motions such shoulder shrugs, or facial expressions such as for example smiles, that aren't equal on both sides showing incongruency or dishonesty.

asymmetry meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) Want of balance, or percentage amongst the areas of something, esp. want of bilateral symmetry.

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  • (letter.) Incommensurability.

Sentence Examples with the word asymmetry

The benefits of asymmetry happen when the small kid gets a Taser.

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