What does asymmetrical mean?

asymmetrical meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1680s; see asymmetry + -ical. Other designs which have supported as an adjective according to asymmetry are asymmetral (1620s), asymmetrous (1660s), and asymmetric (1875); just the last seems to have any currency. Relevant: Asymmetrically.

asymmetrical meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

Out of percentage or unbalanced; are often described as unsymmetrical.

asymmetrical meaning in General Dictionary

unusual in form or overview

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  • described as asymmetry in spatial arrangement or placement of components or components
  • Incommensurable.
  • Not symmetrical; wanting percentage; esp., perhaps not bilaterally symmetrical.

asymmetrical meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Incommensurable.

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  • (a.) Maybe not symmetrical; wanting proportion; esp., not bilaterally shaped.

Sentence Examples with the word asymmetrical

The hinder abdominal segments in the male show a curious asymmetrical arrangement, the sixth segment bearing on its upper side a small stalked plate (strigil) of unknown function, furnished with rows of teeth.

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