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Baggy or Poofy 'MC Hammer-esque' jeans. Often misnomed Parachute Pants. Do you ever think about how crazy the entire world would be if your genitals were under your hands, as opposed to betwixt your feet? Would long-sleeved t-shirts function as the new pants? Would short-sleeved tops function as new shorts? We usually wonder just what the vaginal setup of beings in other galaxies might be. What if their genitals were located in their particular fingers? Would gloves then function as the brand new pants? What about if their particular genetals had been based in their particular foreheads? Would caps after that function as the new jeans? Wouldn't it be a necessity to wear a hat in a public spot? Also, how come we now have two of every thing? What's the deal with two? Two eyes, nostrils, mouth, top and reduced teeth, hands, feet, etc. Weird. But we have only one brain (with 2 halves), heart, belly, liver, cock, vagina. Did you know that the feminine human body has actually 10 holes inside it? 2 eyes, 2 nostrils, one mouth, 2 ears, one urethra, one vagina, and another anal area. Although male human anatomy has only 9 holes, considering that the penis features as urethra and reproductive organ in a single. I think about it kind of thing everyday. And I also usually wonder when there is an even more efficient configuration for an income organism. Are you aware that if you chop a starfish in two, it regenerates it self and reproduces into two distinct starfish. I question when there is a limit towards the quantity it can replenish, if it had been sliced into smaller areas? Now, that is what we call efficient. Believe outside the box!