What does assured mean?

assured meaning in General Dictionary

One whoever life or residential property is insured

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  • Made sure safe insured certain indubitable perhaps not doubting strong to extra
  • characterized by certainty or protection
  • noticeable by guarantee; exhibiting self-confidence
  • of guarantee
  • Made sure; safe; insured; certain; indubitable; maybe not doubting; strong to extra.
  • One whose life or residential property is guaranteed.

assured meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. the person or entity that is insured, often present insurance contracts.

assured meaning in Finance Dictionary

in britain the ensured is people (or people) that has entered into a life assurance contract with a life company and it is the policyholder. The individual on whose life the policy is applied for is recognized as living guaranteed. The assured and the life guaranteed in many cases are the same person not constantly. In america the appearance 'insured' is employed. On the loss of the guaranteed the face number of the insurance policy passes into the beneficiary.

assured meaning in Law Dictionary

individual who has-been Insured by some insurance carrier, or underwriter, against losings or perils pointed out inside plan of insurance. Brockway v. Insurance Co. (C. C.) 29 Fed. 760; Sanford v. Insurance Co., 12 Cush. (Size.) 548. Anyone for whoever advantage the insurance policy is released and to who the loss is payable, not anyone on whose life or residential property the policy is written. Therefore where a wife insures the woman husband's life for her very own benefit in which he doesn't have desire for the insurance policy, she's the "assured" in which he the "insured." llogle v. Insurance Co., 6 Rob. (N. Y.) 570; Ferdon v. Canfield, 104 N. Y. 143, 10 N. E. 146; Insurance Co. v. Luchs, 108 U. S. 498, 2 Sup. Ct. 949, 27 L. Ed. 800.

assured meaning in Etymology Dictionary

of individuals, "confident, self-assured," late 14c., past participle adjective from guarantee. Related: Assuredly; assuredness.

assured meaning in Business Dictionary

Legal owner or beneficiary of a life insurance. He/she has the control (susceptible to some exceptions) of this sums recognized from proceeds regarding the policy at its readiness, or upon death of anyone covered in policy.

assured meaning in General Dictionary

(imp. & p. p.) of Assure

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  • (a.) ensured; safe; guaranteed; certain; indubitable; perhaps not doubting; bold to excess.
  • (n.) One whose life or property is guaranteed.

Sentence Examples with the word assured

The assured canonicity of the whole New Testament resulted in its use by the medieval theologians, the Schoolmen, as a storehouse of proof-texts.

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