What does assumptions mean?

assumptions meaning in Law Dictionary

The cause and impact link that is accepted. It is found in simulations. It may be dangerous if acknowledged with no real life proof. Relate to vital thinking and principle.

assumptions meaning in Business Dictionary

Accepted cause-and-effect relationships, or estimates of the existence of an undeniable fact from understood presence of various other fact(s). Although beneficial in providing basis to use it and in creating "what if" scenarios to simulate various realities or feasible circumstances, presumptions tend to be dangerous when acknowledged as reality without comprehensive evaluation. See also vital thinking and rule of thumb.

Sentence Examples with the word assumptions

Many assumptions are made in treating of the flexure of a continuous structure which are not strictly true; no assumption is made in determining the stresses on a frame except that the joints are flexible, and that the frame shall be so stiff as not sensibly to alter in form under the load.

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