What does assumption of risk mean?

assumption of risk meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. 1) using an opportunity in a potentially dangerous circumstance. This might be a typical affirmative protection in a negligence instance, where the defendant claims your situation (taking a ski-lift, climbing a steep cliff, operating in an old crowded vehicle, taking care of the girders of a skyscraper) had been therefore naturally or demonstrably hazardous that the hurt plaintiff should have known there was clearly danger and took the chance that he or she could be hurt. 2) the act of getting to take-over the chance, like purchasing the to a shipment and accepting the danger it might be damaged or prove unprofitable.

assumption of risk meaning in Law Dictionary

term or condition in a contract of work, either express or suggested from situations associated with work, where the employ^ agrees that risks of damage ordinarily or demonstrably incident to your release of his task into the particular employment will be at his own threat. Narramore v. Railway Co., 96 Fed. 301, 37 C. C. A. 499, 48 L. It. A. 68; i^aulkner v. Mining Co., 23 Utah, 437, 66 Pac. 799; Railroad Co. v. Touoey, 67 Ark. 209, 54 S. W. 577, 77 Am. St. Rep. 109; Bodie v. Railway Co., 61 S. C. 468, 39 S. E. 715; Martin v. Railroad Co., 118 Iowa, 148, 91 N. W. 1034, 59 LL R. A. 698, 96 Am. St. Rep. 371.

assumption of risk meaning in Insurance Dictionary

in line with the maxim "volenti non fit injuria." If a person knows the effects of a specific work and voluntarily allows that threat, he or she is solely accountable for almost any resulting injury.