What does assumption mean?

assumption meaning in General Dictionary

The work of assuming or taking to or upon ones self the act of taking up or following

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  • gathering inside Roman Catholic Church of this Virgin Mary's being adopted into heaven when her earthly life ended; corresponds to your Dormition in the Eastern Orthodox Church
  • (Christianity) the using up of human anatomy and soul of this Virgin Mary when her earthly life had ended
  • a hypothesis which taken for granted
  • a statement that's believed to be true and where a conclusion can be drawn
  • the act of presuming or taking for given
  • audacious (also conceited) behavior which you do not have to
  • the work of using ownership of or energy over something
  • The act of assuming, or taking to or upon your self; the work of taking on or adopting.
  • The act of taking for granted, or supposing anything without proof; supposition; unwarrantable claim.
  • The thing expected; a postulate, or idea believed; a supposition.
  • The small or second idea in a categorical syllogism.
  • The taking of one up into paradise.
  • A festival in honor of the ascent regarding the Virgin Mary into paradise.

assumption meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. the act of overtaking a debt included in payment for residential property which secures that financial obligation.

assumption meaning in Law Dictionary

The act or contract of assuming or taking upon your self; the undertaking or use of a debt or responsibility mostly resting upon another, as where in actuality the buyer of real-estate "assumes'' home financing resting upon it in which case he adopts the home loan financial obligation as his own and becomes physically liable for its repayment. Eggleston v. Morrison, 84 111. App. 631; Locke v. Homer, 131 Mass. 93, 41 Am. Rep. 199; Springer v. De Wolf, 194 111. 218, 62 N. E. 542, 56 L. R. A. 465, 88 Am. St Rep. 155; Lenz v. Railroad Co., Ill Wis. 198, 86 N. W. 607. The essential difference between the buyer of land presuming home financing upon it and just buying at the mercy of the home loan, is that within the former situation he makes himself actually accountable for the payment associated with the mortgage debt, whilst in the lat ter situation he does not. Hancock v. Fleming, 103 Ind. 533, 3 N. E. 254; Braman v. Dowse, 12 Cush. (Mass.) 227. Where one "assumes" a lease, he takes to himself the obligations, contracts, agreements, and advantageous assets to that your various other contracting celebration had been entitled in regards to the rent. Cincinnati, etc., R. Co. v. Indiana, etc., R. Co., 44 Ohio St. 287, 314, 7 N. EX 152.

assumption meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1300, "the reception, uncorrupted, regarding the Virgin Mary into Heaven," additionally the Church festival (Aug. 15) commemorating this, Feast of presumption, from Old French assumpcion and right from Latin assumptionem (nominative assumptio) "a taking, getting," noun of action from previous participle stem of assumere "take up, try oneself" (see assume). Meaning "minor idea of a syllogism" is late 14c. Indicating "appropriation of a right or control" is mid-15c. Meaning "activity of taking for oneself" is recorded from 1580s; that of "anything assumed" is from 1620s.

assumption meaning in Business Dictionary

1. Opinion, reasonable construct, or unconfirmed reality. See presumptions to get more. 2. Accepting (assuming) the duties and capabilities of a company, an obligation, or somebody else's responsibility (such as for example that loan).

assumption meaning in Insurance Dictionary

the total amount of danger acknowledged by a reinsurer.

assumption meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

A proposition that is taken or posed in order to draw inferences as a result; or perhaps the work of so taking, posing, or assuming a idea. The motive for a presumption could be (but do not need to always be) a belief inside truth, or possible truth, regarding the proposition assumed; or even the motive may be an endeavor to refute the idea by reductio advertisement absurdum (q.v.). The phrase assumption has also occasionally already been utilized as a synonym of axiom, or postulate (understand article Mathematics). -- A.C.

assumption meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) The act of presuming, or taking to or upon your self; the act of trying out or adopting.

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  • (letter.) The act of using for granted, or supposing something without proof; supposition; unwarrantable claim.
  • (letter.) The one thing supposed; a postulate, or idea assumed; a supposition.
  • (letter.) The minor or 2nd idea in a categorical syllogism.
  • (n.) The taking of an individual up into heaven.
  • (letter.) A festival honoring the ascent associated with the Virgin Mary into heaven.

Sentence Examples with the word assumption

In phrenology, however, as popularly carried on as an unofficial cult, we may recognize a modified form of divination, co-ordinate with the third stage in the development of beliefs regarding the seat of soul and based on the assumption that this organ is - as were its predecessors - a medium of revelation of otherwise hidden knowledge.

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