What does associationism mean?

associationism meaning in General Dictionary

The doctrine or theory held by associationists

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  • (therapy) a theory that relationship could be the fundamental concept of psychological activity
  • The doctrine or concept held by associationists.

associationism meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

A theory of construction and organization of brain which asserts that: (a) every mental state is resolvable into simple, discrete elements (See Mind-Stuff concept, Psychological Atomism) and (b) the entire psychological life is explicable because of the combination and recombination of the elemental states in conformity using guidelines of relationship of ideas. (See Association, Rules of). Hume (Treatise on Human Nature, 1739) and Hartley (findings on guy, 1749) is considered the founders of associationism of which James Mill, J. S. Mill and A. Bain tend to be later on exponents. -- L.W.

associationism meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) The doctrine or theory held by associationists.

Sentence Examples with the word associationism

Finally, the psychology of Hobbes, though too undeveloped to guide the thoughts or even perhaps arrest the attention of Locke, when essaying the scientific analysis of knowledge, came in course of time (chiefly through James Mill) to be connected with the theory of associationism developed from within the school of Locke, in different ways, by Hartley and Hume; nor is it surprising that the later associationists, finding their principle more distinctly formulated in the earlier thinker, should sometimes have been betrayed into affiliating themselves to Hobbes rather than to Locke.

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