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usually utilized in the place of phoning some body retarded, gay, or a dickwipe. you call some body this once they're acting immature and like a little peice of ass waste. not top return, but when you call somebody this, are going to blown away and appear up assmulch on metropolitan dictionary since they'll be frazzled until they see why they are known as some thing so haneous. Ass mulch is a gluey brown substance excreted from the rectum. As soon as excreted it's put outside in sunlight to cake into the temperature. The ensuing odor could be smelled from a distance of over ten metres and anyone within that radius when the butt mulch is 'Fully caked' are affected from death. The surface after preparing willm be crispy and crusty like batter on a fish but shit. It can be consumed, but if you wish to feel just like some one shoved gravel down you throat while dumping inside you lips, be my visitor, nevertheless the taste is know to resemble compost blended with raw sewage and bassil.There is another means of making Ass Mulch, it may be put in a berlap sack (generally a shittysack) and left to 'mature' during the bottem of regional compost heap. The characteristics are fairly much like the 'caked butt mulch', only this has a definite after style of someone pouring liquified butt snacks down the throat.