What does assjaculate mean?

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The key to appropriate usage is to completely understand the nuanced definition and connotations meant by its usage.The ejaculate an element of the meaning presents the idea of building up and explosive release.The ass component refers to the undeniable fact that your explosive launch is some type of fecal matter.So, explaining an activity as "a number of assjaculate" ensures that thoughts have now been brewing for a time last but not least jismed by themselves out.Engaging within the act of assjaculating could be the all-natural expansion of this metaphorical shit-storm which has been brewing in your thoughts all-year and then finds its method out.When one locates yourself assjaculated upon, you've got been focusing on a task for a while plus in one fell swoop the powers that feel convulsively (and perhaps suddenly) shit around you.The most readily useful application of assjaculate is at group meetings or professional development workshops/seminars.