What does assimilation mean?

assimilation meaning in General Dictionary

The work or process of assimilating or bringing to a similarity likeness or identity in addition the state of being therefore assimilated due to the fact assimilation of just one sound to some other

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  • hawaii of being assimilated; people of different backgrounds arrive at see on their own included in a more substantial nationwide family
  • the entire process of assimilating new tips into an existing cognitive construction
  • a linguistic procedure by which a sound becomes like an adjacent noise
  • the process of taking in vitamins to the body after food digestion
  • the personal procedure of taking in one social team into equilibrium with another
  • when you look at the ideas of Jean Piaget: the use of a broad schema to a specific instance
  • The work or procedure for assimilating or taking to a similarity, likeness, or identity; also, hawaii of being therefore assimilated; as, the absorption of just one sound to a different.
  • The conversion of nutriment in to the substance or solid material of this human anatomy, by the processes of digestion and absorption, whether in plants or pets.

assimilation meaning in Law Dictionary

Buying the totally new issue by general public purchasers. If underwriters repeat this its called absorption.

assimilation meaning in Etymology Dictionary

very early 15c., "act of assimilating," from Old French assimilacion, from Latin assimilationem (nominative assimilatio) "likeness, similarity," noun of action from previous participle stem of assimilare (see assimilate). Psychological good sense is from 1855.

assimilation meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

The consumption of anything

assimilation meaning in Business Dictionary

buy of an entire brand-new dilemma of securities by the general public. In comparison, the sale of a complete brand new concern by its underwriters is named consumption.

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assimilation meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) The act or process of assimilating or taking to a resemblance, likeness, or identity; additionally, the state of being so assimilated; as, the absorption of one noise to some other.

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  • (n.) The conversion of nutriment to the fluid or solid material of the body, by the procedures of digestion and consumption, whether in flowers or animals.

Sentence Examples with the word assimilation

Among the peculiarities of Portuguese conjugation may be rnentioned(1) the assimilation of the 3rd pers.

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