What does assignment mean?

assignment meaning in General Dictionary

An allotting or a scheduled appointment to somebody or use or even for a certain time since a reason or triggers in judge

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  • the instrument in which a claim or right or interest or property is transferred from individual another
  • (law) a transfer of residential property by deed of conveyance
  • an undertaking which you are assigned to accomplish (as by a teacher)
  • a duty that you are assigned to do (especially within the military)
  • the work of dispersing something to designated locations or people
  • the act of putting you into a non-elective place
  • An allotting or a scheduled appointment to a particular person or use; and for a specific time, at the time of an underlying cause or causes in courtroom.
  • A transfer of title or interest by composing, at the time of lease, relationship, note, or bill of change; a transfer for the whole of some particular estate or curiosity about lands.
  • The writing by which a pastime is transported.
  • The transfer of residential property of a bankrupt to specific individuals called assignees, in who it's vested when it comes to advantageous asset of creditors.

assignment meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. the act of transferring a pastime in residential property or some correct (such as for example agreement benefits) to some other. Its used generally by solicitors, accountants, internet marketers, name companies as well as others working with property.

assignment meaning in Law Dictionary

In contracts. 1. The act in which one person transfers to another, or causes to vest because various other, the full right, interest, or property that he has actually in just about any realty or personalty, in ownership or in action, or any share, interest, or subsidiary property therein. Seventh Nat. Bank v. Iron Co. (C. C.) 35 Fed. 440; Haug v. Riley, 101 Ga. 372, 29 S. E. 44, 40 L It A. 244. Much more specifically, a written transfer of residential property, as distinguished from a transfer by mere distribution. 2. In a narrower sense, the transfer or making over of the property, appropriate, or subject what type has in places and tenements; and, in an especially technical feeling, the transfer associated with unexpired residue of a term or property forever or years. Assignment doesn't include testamentary transfers. The thought of an assignment is essentially compared to a transfer by one present celebration to some other existing party of some types of home or important interest, except in the case of an executor. Ilight v. Sackett, 34 N. Y. 447. 3. A transfer or making over by a debtor of their residential property and effects to 1 or more assignees in trust the good thing about his creditors. 2 Story, Eq. Jur.

assignment meaning in Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., "order, request, directive," from Old French assignement "(legal) assignment (of dower, etc.)," from belated Latin assignamentum, noun of activity from Latin assignare (see assign). Indicating "appointment to company" is mid-15c.; compared to "an activity assigned" (to some one) is from c.1848.

assignment meaning in Business Dictionary

Transfer of ownership of a house, or of benefits, interests, liabilities, rights under a contract (such as an insurance plan), by one party (the assignor) to a different (the assignee) by signing a document called deed of project. Equate to novation. See also absolute assignment and collateral assignment.

assignment meaning in Insurance Dictionary

A transfer of rights under, or curiosity about, an insurance plan to another celebration. Most of the time, the project of these liberties is only able to be effected with all the penned permission for the insurer.

assignment meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) An allotting or an appointment to a person or usage; and for a certain time, at the time of a cause or causes in courtroom.

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  • (n.) A transfer of subject or interest by writing, at the time of lease, bond, note, or bill of exchange; a transfer associated with entire of some specific estate or desire for places.
  • (n.) The writing in which a pursuit is transported.
  • (letter.) The transfer of this home of a bankrupt to particular people called assignees, in who its vested for benefit of lenders.

Sentence Examples with the word assignment

Ikir sent me on assignment to spy on him.

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