What does assignee mean?

assignee meaning in General Dictionary

an individual to who an assignment is made a person appointed or deputed by another doing some work perform some company or enjoy some correct privilege or home as an assignee of a bankrupt See Assignment c An assignee may be by special session or deed or be developed by jaw as an executor

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  • (legislation) the celebration to who something is assigned (e.g., anyone to whom a right or property is legally transferred)
  • you to who an assignment is made; people appointed or deputed by another doing some act, perform some company, or enjoy some right, privilege, or home; as, an assignee of a bankrupt. See Assignment (c). An assignee is by unique session or deed, or be developed by jaw; as an executor.
  • In The united kingdomt, the persons appointed, under a commission of personal bankruptcy, to manage the property of a bankrupt the benefit of his creditors.

assignee meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. one to whom property is moved by sale or present, especially genuine property.

assignee meaning in Finance Dictionary

you to who an asset, subject, claim or right is assigned.

assignee meaning in Law Dictionary

person to who an assignment is manufactured. Allen v. Pancoast, 20 N. J. Law, 74; Ely v. Com'rs, 49 Mich. 17, 12 N. W. 893, 13 N. W. 784. The definition of is usually utilized in mention of the individual residential property ; but it is not wrong, in some instances, to put on it to realty, e. g., "assignee of the reversion." Assignee indeed is one to whom an assignment has been made in fact because of the party obtaining the right. Starkweather v. Insurance Co., 22 Fed. Cas. 1091; Tucker v. western, 31 Ark. 043. Assignee in-law is the one in whom what the law states vests the right; as an executor or administrator. Idem. The phrase has a particular and distinctive use as employed to designate anyone to who, under an insolvent or bankrupt law, your whole property of a debtor is utilized in be administered for the benefit of lenders. In old legislation. People deputed or appointed by another to-do any work, or do any business. Blount. An assignee, however, was distinguished from a deputy, being thought to inhabit anything in his very own right, while a deputy acted in right of some other. Cowell.

assignee meaning in Etymology Dictionary

very early 15c., "one who's appointed to do something for another," from Old French assigne, past participle of assignier (see assign).

assignee meaning in Business Dictionary

Party to who a power or residential property (and linked obligations and legal rights) tend to be transmitted by another (the assignor) under an assignment.

assignee meaning in Insurance Dictionary

The receiver of plan rights through an assignment.

assignee meaning in General Dictionary

(v.) In England, the people appointed, under a commission of personal bankruptcy, to control the estate of a bankrupt when it comes to benefit of their creditors.

Sentence Examples with the word assignee

If the lands assigned are situated in Middlesex or Yorkshire, the assignment should be registered under the Middlesex Registry or Yorkshire Registries Acts, as the case may be; and similar provision is now made for the registration by an assignee of his title under the Land Transfer Acts 1875 and 1897.

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