What does asset mean?

asset meaning in General Dictionary

Any article or separable section of people possessions

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  • a useful or important high quality
  • Any article or separable element of a person's assets.

asset meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. usually anything of home which includes value, including articles with just emotional value (particularly in the properties associated with the lifeless). Possessions are shown in stability sheets of businesses and stocks of probate properties. You will find present possessions (which include records receivable), fixed possessions (basic equipment and structures), and these types of intangibles as company good will and liberties to market a product.

asset meaning in Law Dictionary

monetary contract or physical item with price that's possessed by an individual, business, or sovereign, which is often accustomed produce additional value or provide LIQUIDITY. Possessions are credits into the balance sheet, and could include CASH, investments, REPORTS RECEIVABLE, DEBTS granted, STOCK, real-estate, plant and equipment, and GOODWILL. Assets tend to be described as differing quantities of LIQUIDITY, that can be funded through DEBT or EQUITY. See additionally LIABILITY.

asset meaning in Etymology Dictionary

see assets.

asset meaning in Cooking Dictionary

products or sources regularly facilitate or include value to a business's procedure. See assets; assets, fixed.

asset meaning in Business Dictionary

1. One thing important that an entity is the owner of, benefits from, or has actually usage of, in creating earnings. 2. Bookkeeping: something which an entity has obtained or purchased, and therefore features money price (its cost, guide price, market value, or recurring price). A valuable asset is (1) some thing physical, eg cash, equipment, inventory, land and building, (2) an enforceable claim against other people, such as reports receivable, (3) appropriate, particularly copyright laws, patent, trademark, or (4) an assumption, such as goodwill. Possessions shown to their owner's stability sheet are usually classified in line with the simplicity with that they is changed into money. See in addition intangible possessions and concrete assets.

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asset meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) Any article or separable element of your assets.

Sentence Examples with the word asset

Once more, Merrill Cooms was an invaluable asset to us.

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