What does assessment mean?

assessment meaning in General Dictionary

The work of assessing the work of deciding an amount become compensated as an assessment of problems or of fees an evaluation associated with the members of a club

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  • the category of somebody or something like that pertaining to its worth
  • a quantity determined as payable
  • the market value set on assets
  • the work of judging or evaluating someone or circumstance or event
  • The work of evaluating; the act of determining a quantity to-be paid; since, an assessment of damages, or of taxes; an evaluation of the people in a club.
  • A valuation of property or earnings of business, for reason for taxation; these types of valuation and an adjudging associated with the correct amount becoming levied in the home; because, an assessment of home or an evaluation on residential property.
  • the precise sum levied or assessed.
  • An apportionment of a subscription for stock intou000du000a successive installments; additionally, one of these installments (in The united kingdomtu000du000a termed a "call").

assessment meaning in Law Dictionary

In a broad feeling, denotes the process of ascertaining and modifying the stocks respectively become contributed by several individuals towards a standard advantageous object based on the benefit received. In taxation. The listing and valuation of home for the true purpose of apportioning a tax upon it, either based on value alone or perhaps in percentage to profit received. Also identifying the share of a tax become paid by each of many; or apportioning the entire taxation is levied on the list of various taxable individuals, setting up the percentage because of from each. Adams, etc., Co. v. Shelby- ville, 154 Ind. 467, 57 N. E. 114, 49 L. R. A. 797. 77 Am. St. Rep. 484; Webb v. Bid- really, 15 Minn. 483 (Gil. 394); State y. Farmer, 94 Tex. 232, 59 S. W. 541; Kinney v. Zimpleman, 36 Tex. 5S2; Southern R. Co. v. Kay, 62 S. C. 28, 39 S. E. 785; U. S. v. Erie R. Co., 107 U. S. 1, 2 Sup. Ct. 83, 27 L. Ed. 3S5. Evaluation, as utilized in juxtaposition with taxation in circumstances constitution, includes most of the tips essential to be used in the genuine exercise of power to taxation. Hurford v. Omaha, 4 Neb. 336. Evaluation is also popularly utilized as a synonym for taxation generally speaking,

assessment meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1540s, "value of home for income tax functions," from assess + -ment. Meaning "determination or adjustment of tax price" is from 1540s; basic feeling of "estimation" is taped from 1620s. In education jargon from 1956.

assessment meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

A test or evaluation.

assessment meaning in Business Dictionary

process used by government assessors to determine the worth of a property, or even the income of you or entity, to charge fees or to levy on sales of a court.

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assessment meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) The work of examining; the work of identifying a quantity to be paid; since, an evaluation of problems, or of taxes; an evaluation associated with the members of a club.

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  • (letter.) A valuation of home or profits of business, for the purpose of taxation; these types of valuation and an adjudging of this correct sum to-be levied from the home; because, an evaluation of property or an assessment on home.
  • (n.) The specific amount levied or evaluated.
  • (letter.) An apportionment of a subscription for stock into successive installments; also, these installments (in The united kingdomt termed a "call").

Sentence Examples with the word assessment

It is mentioned in the Domesday Survey as subject to a reduced assessment on account of its exposed position and liability to Danish attacks.

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