What does assess mean?

assess meaning in General Dictionary

To value to help make a valuation or official estimate of for the intended purpose of taxation

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  • fee (a person or a house) with a payment, including a tax or a superb
  • set or figure out the amount of (a payment including a fine)
  • evaluate or estimate the nature, high quality, ability, level, or significance of
  • estimate the worthiness of (residential property) for taxation
  • To worth; to produce a valuation or formal estimation of for the objective of taxation.
  • To apportion a sum is paid by (people, a residential district, or a property), inside nature of a taxation, fine, etc.; to enforce a tax upon (a individual, an estate, or money) relating to an interest rate or apportionment.
  • to ascertain and impose a tax or fine upon (people, community, estate, or earnings); to taxation; because, the club evaluated each member twenty-five dollars.
  • to correct or figure out the price or quantity of.

assess meaning in Legal Dictionary

v. to set a value on residential property, usually for the purpose of determining genuine property fees. The examined price is multiplied by the income tax price to determine the annual goverment tax bill. This purpose is usually done by workers of this County Assessor. In Ca, under Proposition 13, this new assessment can only take place upon sale of real residential property.

assess meaning in Law Dictionary

1. To determine, adjust, and settle the respective shares is contributed by a number of persons toward an object useful to them all, equal in porportion towards benefit obtained. 2. to modify or fix the percentage of a tax which every person, of a number of liable to it, has to spend; to apportion a tax among a few; to distribute taxation in a proportion started from the proportion of burden and advantage. Allen v. McKay, 120 Cal. 332, 52 Pac. 828; Seymour v. Peters, 67 Mich. 415, 35 N. W. 62. 3. To place a valuation upon residential property for the intended purpose of apportioning a tax. Bridewell v. Morton, 46 Ark. 73; Moss v. Ilindes, 28 Vt. 2S1. 4. To impose a pecuniary payment upon people or home; to tax. Men and women v. Priest, 169 N. Y. 435, 62 N. E. 568.

assess meaning in Etymology Dictionary

very early 15c., "to fix extent (of a taxation, fine, etc.)," from Anglo-French assesser, from Medieval Latin assessare "fix a tax upon," originally frequentative of Latin assessus "a sitting by," past participle of assidere "to sit beside" (and thus to assist at work of a judge), from ad- "to" (see ad-) + sedere "to sit" (see sedentary). One of several judge's associate's tasks would be to fix the actual quantity of a fine or taxation. Meaning "to calculate the worthiness of property for the intended purpose of taxing it" is from 1809; transmitted feeling of "to judge the worthiness of a person, concept, etc." is from 1934. Relevant: Assessed; assessing.

assess meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

In order to make a decision about or assess.

assess meaning in General Dictionary

(v.) To price; to create a valuation or formal estimate of for the true purpose of taxation.

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  • (v.) To apportion a sum becoming paid by (you, a residential district, or an estate), when you look at the nature of a tax, good, etc.; to impose a tax upon (one, an estate, or earnings) according to an interest rate or apportionment.
  • (v.) To ascertain and impose a tax or fine upon (you, neighborhood, property, or income); to tax; since, the club considered each member twenty-five cents.
  • (v.) To fix or determine the price or amount of.

Sentence Examples with the word assess

They are yet to assess the amount of damage to the heart.

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