What does assemble mean?

assemble meaning in General Dictionary

To liken to compare

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  • to meet up with or bond as several people to convene to congregate
  • to gather into one spot or body to carry or call collectively to convene to congregate
  • get folks collectively
  • collect in one single destination
  • make by putting components or people together
  • to get into one destination or human body; to create or call together; to convene; to congregate.
  • to meet up or bond, as numerous people; to convene; to congregate.
  • To liken; examine.

assemble meaning in Etymology Dictionary

very early 14c., transitive and intransitive, from Old French assembler "come together, join, unite; collect" (11c.), from Latin assimulare "which will make love, liken, compare; copy, copy; feign, pretend," later on "to assemble collectively," from ad- "to" (see ad-) + simulare "in order to make want" (see simulation). In Middle English and in Old French it also had been a euphemism for "to couple sexually." Indicating "to put parts collectively" in manufacturing is from 1852. Relevant: put together; assembling. Assemble collectively is redundant.

assemble meaning in Sports Dictionary

A jump from one foot, landing on both feet. (sport: Rhythmic Gymnastics)

assemble meaning in General Dictionary

(v. t.) To get into one destination or body; to carry or phone collectively; to convene; to congregate.

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  • (v. i.) to satisfy or bond, as a number of individuals; to convene; to congregate.
  • (v. i.) To liken; examine.

Sentence Examples with the word assemble

The estates could only assemble when summoned by him; he could dismiss them whenever he thought fit; and their deliberations were to be confined exclusively to the propositions which he might think fit to lay before them.

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