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n. a devout republican.origin: a derivation of the Harry Potter term of mudblood and designed as an insult. Term1:Ass-Blood is created fromt this is of when you awaken the very next day after a wild night of celebration going, and you also wake up to comprehend that your particular wallets already been stolen, your wedding band is gone, your naked linked with your sleep by the link and pantlegs, and you can only appear to remember purchasing a hooker that evening. bit to your surpise everything you believed had been a hooker ended up being in fact a Tranny while fine blood on your butt or additionally know as ass-blood.Term2when the thing is that a person you do not like and they've got horrible pimples or just an discusting face, you need to and can phone them an Ass-Blood for beaing a complete discrace to everybody which you were sitting by during those times.