What does assaulted mean?

assaulted meaning in General Dictionary

intimately abused a euphemism

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  • of Assault

assaulted meaning in Urban Dictionary

having an uncontrollable daunting quantity of rawness within you that comes from drinking muscle pharm attack. Being awesome focused and crazy at precisely the same time. Having the ability to go difficult from the muh fuckin loads. Maximum outcomes of being attacked is possible by playing outrageous music before hand. Including, eminem, lil jon, lil wayne, and waka flocka. Not advised for pussy butt muh fuckas

assaulted meaning in General Dictionary

(imp. & p. p.) of Assault

Sentence Examples with the word assaulted

During the Civil War Bolton sided with the parliament, and in February 1643 and March 1644 the royalist forces assaulted the town, but were on both occasions repulsed.

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