What does assassin mean?

assassin meaning in General Dictionary

To assassinate

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  • person who eliminates or tries to eliminate by shock or secret assault a person who treacherously murders anybody unprepared for defense
  • a member of a secret order of Muslims (founded in the 12th century) who terrorized and killed Christian Crusaders
  • a murderer (especially one that kills a prominent governmental figure) just who kills by a shock assault and sometimes is employed to-do the deed
  • a person who kills, or tries to destroy, by surprise or key assault; one that treacherously murders any one unprepared for protection.
  • To assassinate.

assassin meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1530s (in Anglo-Latin from mid-13c.), via French and Italian, from Arabic hashishiyyin "hashish-users," plural of hashishiyy, from hashish (q.v.). A fanatical Ismaili Muslim sect of that time period associated with the Crusades, under management of "Old Man of this Mountains" (converts Arabic shaik-al-jibal, title put on Hasan ibu-al-Sabbah), with a reputation for murdering opposing leaders after intoxicating on their own through eating hashish. The plural suffix -in was mistaken in European countries for part of the term (compare Bedouin).

assassin - French to English


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  • murderer

assassin meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) Person who kills, or attempts to destroy, by shock or key assault; one that treacherously murders any one unprepared for defense.

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  • (v. t.) To assassinate.

Sentence Examples with the word assassin

He wanted to sweep her away for one last intimate moment before his death but doubted the assassin and demon would wait.

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