What does ass trumpeter mean?

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Experienced jazzmusicians which also could scat performing while butt trumpeting, this art of music expression ended up being conceived by pig-flatulence-singers(that can founded rusty gillespie) in 1920s when jazz had it is raw form.Jazzsingers often pushed a trumpet within their butt and started to fart while helping it because of the scat-singing and even dual trumpeting(from butt to mouth), more famous ass trumpeter had been DIZZY GILLESPIE whom created all kinds of gillespie-singing (mouth to pig ass, pig butt trumpeting, rusty gillespieing pig butt...), he frequently had a number of trumpetes by self and trumpeted in broadway.The successor of dizzy gillespie had been Scatman who's now more famous rusty gillespie singer in the world, scatman perfected butt trumpeting in the 50s while having an accidental intimate occasion with a pig(olympigs 1950 in tokyo).