What does ass to pussy Ass to Pussy mean?

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The sexual act wherein anal intercourse is instantly followed by genital sex without the hygienic steps taken inbetween. Some thing you do not want to accomplish and should maybe not do!!Besides being an awful sexual act, it is downright dangerous.99.9percent of females who have actually tried this or applied this method of sexual activity have developed HPV or HIV disease based on healthcare Journal of studies on CDC fact sheets.It will all begins with a few less worrisome symptoms such as for example (Vaginitis) e.g: { itching or burning and later, a discharge follows by a very pungent odor} which is when those bacterias are totally energetic at your workplace and turning from a stage one Candidiasis to a stage three Trichomoniasis.The insertion of every things not to ever exclude: (fingertips, Dildos, Penis, fresh fruits or Vegtables ,Etc.) into a lady anus/rectum and transferring to the Vagina will transfer Bacterias that genital acids can't disslove and wash away,therefore it sets the person/s at a tremendously high risk of illnesses and diseases.