What does ass to breast ratio mean?

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The ass to breast ratio could be the proportion of in which the butt and breasts on women have been in percentage every single otherIt is computed by how much the breasts protrude through the breast bone tissue, and also for the ass, simply how much it protrudes from just over the tail bone.For instance;A women breasts protrudes from the woman breast bone tissue by 4 ins additionally the ass protrudes from the tailbone 4 ins, the proportion is ideal for that girlRatio=4:4Or you can easily calculate it by looking at a girl laterally and in case the ass pocks completely up to the tits you've gotten a girl with the perfect ratioThe ratio may differ slightlyFor example;A girls breasts protrude 4 ins and ass 3 to 3.5 inches thats okRatio=4:3 or 4:3.5NOTEAll measurements must certanly be obtained from the peak for the breast or butt, this means the measurement through the furthest point out of the breast or tailbone on feminine