What does aspirant mean?

aspirant meaning in General Dictionary

a person who aspires a person who excitedly seeks some large place or object of attainment

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  • Aspiring
  • an ambitious and aspiring youthful person
  • desiring or trying for recognition or development
  • Aspiring.
  • One who aspires; person who eagerly seeks some large position or item of attainment.

aspirant meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"one which aspires," 1738, from French aspirant, from Latin aspirantem (nominative aspirans), current participle of aspirare (see aspire).

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aspirant meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) ambitious.

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  • (n.) Person who aspires; a person who eagerly seeks some high place or item of attainment.

Sentence Examples with the word aspirant

If one aspirant has obtained on the first roll-call an absolute majority of the whole number of delegates votingor, in Democratic conventions, a majority of two-thirds of those votinghe is held to have been duly chosen, and the choice is then made unanimous.

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