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a standard misspelling of asbestos definition simply folks think it may be in a position to eliminate all of them likewise. 1.) a widely used term for asbestos, but with a much more abrasive appearence; usually abrasive adequate to make somebody cringe upon witnessing it written down or text.2.) An asbestos like product that's a lot more dangerous than real asbestos, and is usually used to celebrate the rememberance of 9-11 by blowing it in to the household of one's neighbor after establishing a pile of cash on fire.3.) A word usually mistaken as a mis-spelling of word 'asbestos' by those that have no idea just how deadly and dangerous aspestis really is, and perhaps, men and women may well not even be knowledgeable about aspestis due to the fact governing bodies worldwide have already been attempting to keep it a secret by distracting the masses with less hazardous materials including asbestos.4.) A word that only a genius would use.5.) A material produced by scientist in Sweden to be used as another gasoline origin for armed forces functions only.6.) Superman's second weakness, besides krytonite.