What does asian kid mean?

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Asian kid is the title fond of anyone of asian/pacific- islander decent (also half asians) mainly used in dominantly caucasian communities where half the populace are found screaming "COME HERE ASIAN child!" or "WE APPRECIATE ASIANS."I should know, I'm those types of asian kids.Anyways, asian young ones are usually excessively wise. Mathematics specially. But usually, all of us are only blonde asians.Oh, and don't tell us to "open our eyes" or even "wake up." You blind fools, our eyes tend to be open. Not all the asians have "asian eyes." As well as those who do, we CAN see from all of them, dipsticks.Asian kids in many cases are enjoyed given that they're asian. Assuming they truly are maybe not an "asian nerd" they may be only flat out liked as a result of our asian nature to-be kind, hospitable, considerate, polite, respectable, respecting, and intelligent. Anything not many people have.