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A, very cool person who lives in arizona. AshurA rare male first name. You can find not many Ashurs in U.S., even though it is well-known in Arabian nations. Ashurs' are: sensible, creative, powerful, and friendly. Folks named Ashur are affectionate, look for harmony, and virtuous- with single mindedness they strive only for the overall good. Ashur's are extremely beautiful and appealing in general, having a certain charism. Extremely inquisitive and active, Ashurs' are unique and unique individuals. Ashurs' have a spirit of determination and strong.Meaning: happy, blessed, lucky, or fortunate.MasculineOrigin: Hebrew/AssyrianIn days gone by important scholars conjectured that the title referred to a male equivalent for the goddess Asherah with a name cognate to the Assyrian god Ashur.2. A relatively wise, driven kid, separate, headstrong, falls hard as he likes some body, protective of pals, can be just a little obnoxious, joking in personality but can be really serious, great friend to possess, flirty3. A man which produces an excellent boyfriend. Everything he does is ideal and loveable. Asher is good looking, funny, intelligent, nice, and slightly playful. He also dislikes energizing beverages and prefers water or a fruit smoothie.