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the lady who are able to be a bitch at times and hella bad but gets hurt easily....falls for the wrong dudes way too usually...cares solution to much about appearance and would perish to be that perfect woman who stole their heart....she frequently discovers by herself in bad circumstances and appears out of the easy answers which could help her...stubborn and doesnt listen really...wears hella braclets to cover her scars....is deeply in love with hair straighteners, thin jeans, and makeup...cant get "society is crashing down upon me" outa her mind...cant watch for college to get rid of but understands she will miss her friends deeply....is afraid of the future...hates yesteryear...and doesnt know wat related to today's... Indian...NOT BLACK!!!...kills puppiesand relationships with buddies...is a conniving bitch,who lies and speaks shit!another term familiar with explain the moment nausea feeling into the gap of one's tummy whenever you realize the condom broke.