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this little town could be a dried out city, but it is in addition a significant port for medication trafficing between Florida and New York. there are 2 types of those who reside there. kind A people know all other type A people because their moms and dad's moms and dad's moms and dads all grew up indeed there also, absolutely nothing takes place without all of them understanding about this in 24 hours or less. type B individuals moved truth be told there and talk english as a moment language. type A people view type B men and women once the opponent. the main destinations in a*town contain the NC State Zoo! therefore the twenty-four hour walmart. there is the indegent reason for a mall. whenever in asheboro, don't neglect to root for the house staff, the asheboro blue comets of asheboro highschool associated with exciting asheboro, nc. A shitstain regarding the bigger shitstain this is certainly Randolph County, North Carolina. Full of self-centered bigots and medicine addicts that perpetuate on their own as they still dwell and breed indeed there. Home of a mockery of a zoo and also the only things going for it now is its allowing of booze to be offered and RCC's photography system. Residence to a mall that could be considered Greensboro's Four periods' bastard son or daughter. Home to a highly discriminative and brutish police just who stop at absolutely nothing to shag anyone over, even for anything as easy as an expired inspections sticker. Home to a Nazi administration at Asheboro tall. Recognized to devour people's whole souls without all of them even understanding. Part of it would like to end up like Greensboro, additionally the partner would like to end up like the others of Randolph; lifeless and desolate. It'd be best to stay away from this spot.